Terms and Conditions


Your receipt of a resume, interviewing or engagement of a candidate in any capacity, or the passing to
any other person or organization of personal information pertaining to a candidate introduced to you by
us, or a booking and invoice from a temporary Chef from Cheffing Around Pty Ltd will be taken as your
acceptance of our terms of business. No variation can be made to these terms without written consent
of the Managing Director of Cheffing Around Pty Ltd. The engagement of a temporary or permanent
Chef by the Client is deemed as acceptance of Cheffing Around Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions.

1. The Client agrees to our payment frequency which is a strictly seven working day account. Please
discuss payment method/frequency with your Chef subcontractor(s) before beginning of the first shift.
The Client will be invoiced with Chef sub/contractor's Australian business number. The Client agrees to
pay the hourly charge ($62)+GST where applicable as advised by Cheffing Around, for all actual hours worked.
Our minimum booking time is four (4) hours. Should your account exceed our trading terms and be passed over for
collection, all costs, interest, debt collection commission and out of pocket expenses will be the liability
of the Client.

2.  A $50 lost invoice fee is applicable under your acceptance of Cheffing Around Pty Ltd terms and conditions. Temporary Chefs are not to be approached for full-time employment by the Client. Please negotiate with Cheffing
Around only in regard to securing full-time services of the Chef. Any approach to the Temporary Chef
may result in booking cancellation(s) and a permanent ban from all of our services.

3. The Client agrees to pay Cheffing Around a fee of $4750 + G.S.T. should a Cheffing Around Pty Ltd
Temporary Chef be engaged to perform any task, or is engaged by a related entity, within six (6) months
of the completion of their last assignment for the Client through Cheffing Around Pty Ltd and must pay
this fee within 30 days.

4. The Client agrees to any cancellation within 24 hours of a booking will be charged a $168 cancellation
fee, payable within seven (7) working days to subcontractor Chef who was booked at time of

5. Free Accommodation and food to be provided and a minimum of 38 hours work for all Cheffing
Around subcontractors for country and outer regional placements. All air travel when applicable are also
the cost of the Client.

6. All bookings are to be booked through Cheffing Around Head office in Adelaide and not directly with
your temporary Chef. Temporary Chef to provide knives and uniforms and will arrive 15 minutes prior to
shift commencement. All Cheffing Around Chefs have a current A.B.N, private health insurance and pay
their own superannuation payments. Please inform Chef of your establishment’s menus, policies,
procedures and a clean place to change. You (the client) will be responsible for providing a safe, hygienic
and healthy workplace for all Cheffing Around temporary Chefs

7. We make every effort to provide a temporary Chef in accordance with booking details and to ensure
reasonable standards of skills, integrity and reliability from the temporary Chef , to the extent permitted
by law, we accept NO liability (by reason of the human element) for any loss, expense, damage or delay
arising from any failure to provide any particular temporary Chef for all or part of the period of the
booking, nor for any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or lack of skills of the temporary Chef provided
and you agree to indemnify us and each of our Chefs in respect of any claim, suit, demand and cause of
action and from all damages, costs, expenses and penalties of every description whatsoever arising from
or related to the employment of the temporary Chef.

8. We charge a flat fee of $1800 +G.S.T. for all permanent, permanent parttime or casual Chef
employment placements, (NOT TEMPORARY SUBCONTRACTORS), payable 60 DAYS after placement
commences and only if both parties are satisfied with placement.

9. We charge a flat rate charge of $62 an hour for our amazing temporary Chefs. Temporary Chef will
invoice Client and Client pays Temporary Chef directly within 7 working days. This amazing hourly rate is
24/7, includes our commission and with no hidden extra costs. The only day this rate is different is
Christmas Day.

10. Cheffing Around will not be liable for any loss, damage, liability, expense, fines penalties or any other
amount directly or indirectly caused by, in connection with, or in any way involving or arising out of any
actual or alleged:
(a) Any infectious disease, virus, bacterium or other microorganism (whether asymptomatic or not) or
(b) Coronavirus (COVID 19) including any mutation or variation thereof or
(C) Any pandemic or epidemic, as declared as such by the World Health Organisation or any
governmental authority.

11. We, at Cheffing Around, acknowledge the need to achieve high quality standards and the provision of
excellent Client service. We will make every effort to ensure Client satisfaction by providing quality,
skilled and reliable temporary Chefs in accordance with booking details. We know your repeat business
is good business. If the Client is not happy with the temporary Chef, please let us know straight away so
we can place another Chef to your satisfaction.

12. Please print out this page as acknowledgement of this agreement and fill in your establishment's
details, scan and send to adrian@cheffingaround.com.au
Client name: ____________________________________________________________
Work address of Client_______________________________________________________ I
______________________________________, a duly authorized signatory of client has read Cheffing
Around Pty Ltd terms and conditions and agree to those conditions.
SIGNED__________________________________________ ______/______/__