Cheffing Around Pty Ltd is the original Chef Employment agency in South Australia which is owned and operated by professional Chefs with decades of hospitality experience.

Cheffing Around specialize in providing amazing temporary Chefs, all types of professional Chef recruitment and kitchen consultancy to the hospitality sector and we have been providing the highest quality professional Temporary Chef’s to restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, resorts, mining industries, casinos, private yachts, and special events for over 16 years now.

Our Head office is in Adelaide South Australia, but we can also fly you a chef to any state or location in Australia!

With over 473 satisfied happy repeat Clients across South Australia, there’s no reason why you can’t get an amazing temporary Chef to you at short notice or a fantastic full-time permanent Chef placement with nothing to pay for two months!

Did you know that Cheffing Around has the highest degree of experience required for our intake of Temporary Chefs of any Chef agency in Australia?

All of our professional temporary Chef subcontractors have a minimum of ten years post apprenticeship experience, sober and friendly dispositions, impeccable presentation and vast experience working in the very best kitchens from around the world as Executive Chefs and have been through our rigorous interview and recruitment process to make sure that you only get the best Chef available.

Cheffing Around sub-contracts only the most experienced and friendly Chefs available so you can be assured your establishment will enjoy the professionalism, presentation, skill, maturity and value for money of our incredible temporary Chefs.

We have made booking your Temporary Chef a very simple and uncomplicated process.

To make a booking please read our Terms and Conditions on this website, agree to our terms, and then place your booking via phone or email and once confirmed, your temporary Chef is booked. Easy!

Cheffing Around also specializes with all of your full-time, part-time or casual Chef recruitment needs.

We have a large database of excellent Chefs looking for full-time or part-time work so please give us a call or an email to discuss how Cheffing Around can find the right Chef for your business or function. We thoroughly investigate our Chefs for full-time, part-time or casual placements and will only forward a resume of a candidate if we think they will be totally suitable for the role and with a 2 month no payment period, the emphasis is on us to make sure we find the right candidate for your establishment, not just a quick fix that can escalate to more costly problems for you.

Our latest jobs are now located in the positions vacant tab on the right side of this page.